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WOW… what a great review!

15 Nov

Michael Waninski on Marnie as real estate agent
Wed Jul 15 09:51:11 PDT 2009
It’s so important for every Realtor to find that niche where they can specialize in. Trying to cover an entire area market, between both first-time buyers, people going into retirement, multimillion dollar estates, and lower-income ranches can be taxing. Luckily for Marnie Beilin, she’s found her specialization. Beilin is *the* Realtor for University professors in the City of Chicago, making the surrounding campuses of UIC, Northwestern, and the University of Chicago her marketplace. I think that’s a pretty cool calling card to have, and it’s a self-perpetuating industry for her, because teachers talk to each other and her name is going to come up in conversation as a referral. It’s sort of a manufactured personal network for her to rely on, which naturally extends to students and other figures in the neighborhood as well. A quick glance at Beilin’s Web site speaks for her technological acumen in marketing. She hosts a basket of resources for  people to dig into, including area statistical data, and she even hosts a Youtube video of her showing off a home for a television program.  Not bad.  But then take a look at her page and you’ll see the kind of personal approach she gives her clients. I’ll let you read the client testimonies yourself to see how people praise her for her ability to overcome the down housing market, but I love that she takes time to answer stranger’s questions on individual properties. It shows dedication, but it’s also indicative of her enthusiasm, which I absolutely love.